Barracktown House


A development on a site of great historic interest to provide accommodation for artists and writers, a tourist facility, museum and local studies centre.

Barracktown House, Altmore, Co Tyrone, was given to Patrick Shields as his residence when he was appointed caretaker of Altmore Barracks in 1743. The Royal Tyrone Regiment was stationed there from 1700 till 1749. Patrick is the progenitor of the well-known Shields family associated with the Altmore area, renowned for their local banking business, Cappagh Loan Company, and military exploits around the world. The most famous member of this family, his grandson General James Shields, was born in Altmore House, situated a short distance away on the same estate.


We invite you to follow our progress on the Barracktown House Development


In this new development the ruin of the barracks will remain in its present state. On its southern a studio block will be erected  to provide space for workshops, exhibitions, interpretation of local history and a communal area for meetings and lectures.

    Redevelopment of Barracktown House and      Altmore Barracks